14th September 2023

John Lennon’s Missing UK Luxury Replica Patek Philippe Watch Resurfaces, Said To Be Worth Millions

Prior to John Lennon‘s tragi assassination in 1980, his wife Yoko Ono gifted him with a perfect replica Patek Philippe watch for his 40th birthday. Now, the long-lost watch has resurfaced in Geneva, after it was reportedly missing for several years.

The watch in question is the cheap fake Patek Philippe 2499 perpetual calendar chronograph. According to Bloomberg, the form Beatle’s wristpiece is in the possession of lawyers of an Italian watch collector who had originally acquired the timepiece from a now-defunct German auction house. However, officially legal documents from Geneva court have ruled in favor of Ono as the rightful owner of the copy watch. The collector is now appealing the decisions.

The missing timepiece was believed to have been stolen by a former driver of Ono. In the history of watches, the best 1:1 replica Patek Philippe has long been regarded as the holy grail amongst collectors as a priceless horological treasure. The documents have also indicated that the watched has an engraving that alludes to a song the couple “composed together after a period of separation.” In the book Invest in Watches: The Art of Watch Collecting by Marc Montagne, the author said, “This is undoubtedly one of the most-sought-after aaa quality fake watches uk which the watch world has been hoping to see.” Ono’s legal team has estimated the watch’s value to be at least $4.5 million USD.

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